Helminth and Vector Genomics

Reference genomes and reliable gene predictions are the core of contemporary molecular biology. Recent years have seen a concerted, global effort to increase the availability of reference genomes for parasitic worms and their vectors. WormBase ParaSite and VectorBase now house hundreds of worm, mosquito, and snail reference genomes, as well as a considerable amount of data from associated cell lines, wild isolates, and lab strains.

Much of my work is facilitated by the community’s investment in these data sources, so it is right for me to likewise contribute, not only for the advancement of my own research interests, but for the utilization of the field as a whole. I have been involved in international consortiums and have lead lab projects to increase to amount and quality of these genomic sources. Contributions, publications, and public access links are listed below.



Nic Wheeler
Nic Wheeler
Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests include neglected tropical diseases, vector-borne helminths, and genomics.